Irvine Gyms

Most Irvine gyms typically have only one system of training, but at Premier Fitness, we know that different clients have distinct fitness needs. That's why our experienced trainers specialize in multiple fields to give you the most training options in a safe and comfortable environment.

In Irvine, our gym and trainers provide workout programs customized to fit the specific needs of clients. Between Premier Fitness and other gyms in Irvine, the difference in results is evident.

In Irvine, our fitness gym provides one-on-one training sessions to work on target areas and specific needs. But our brand of personal training provides more – our facility boasts of a family-like atmosphere where young and old clients can safely work out to achieve better levels of fitness. Whether it's bodybuilding, muscle toning, or a highly dedicated program for special clients (for instance, senior citizens or clients with health complications), our Irvine fitness gym will guide you to your fitness goals.

Our gym in Irvine does not provide large group training programs. Unlike common Irvine gyms, we keep distractions at a minimum by providing only individual and customized training. In Irvine, our gym and experienced trainers can take clients to a whole new level of fitness training.